Main Stage

Behind Netherton Arts Centre

11.00am 11.15am         Introductions etc

11:15am 11.45am        Tom Plant        

11.45am 12.00pm         Lavanya (dance group)

12.00pm 12.30pm         Scarbilly Blues Band

12.45pm 1.00pm         Elite Dance Starz

1.00pm 1.30pm        Shambolics

1.30pm 1.45pm        Pedmore Panthers (dance group)

1.45pm 2.15pm        Missippi Madness

2.15pm 2.30pm        Estrella Dance

2.30pm 2.50pm        Star Time Choir

2.50pm 3.10pm        First Steps Dance

3.10pm 3.30pm        Elsa / Anna

3.30pm 3.45pm        Alison Hill's Dance School

3.45pm 4.15pm        Rhiannon

4.30pm 5.15pm        Uncomplicated

5.30pm 6.15pm        Devil Revolver

6.30pm 7.30pm        Martin Yates

7.45pm 9.00pm        Discover

Mayor on Stage at around 2:30pm


Bottom Stage

Behind The Activity Centre

12.00pm 12.30pm         Core Karate Demo

1.00pm 1.30pm        Lavanya (dance group)

1.45pm 2.15pm        Elite Dance Starz

2.30pm 2.50pm        Pedmore Panthers (dance group)

3.10pm 3.30pm        Estrella Dance

Plus lots more performances during the day

From Dance acts to acoustic sets